My kids love it! They sing along to it and dance everyday to it! It's catchy even as a parent. Alex is very talented!

Breanne and Corey Stefanek

Love the energy and diversity of Alex's music and the spirit of engagement it inspires in young children. While watching them respond and interact with his lyrics and rhythms, it is evident he is educating both their hearts and minds!

Marlene, Educator

I came with my 9 mo baby to a lesson with Alex and he enjoyed it so much. Alex made sure to help him participate although his young age and came to him with instruments so he can play. And all the older kids around danced and enjoyed him and his music so much. I highly recommend Alex's classes.

Lilach, Mother of Jonathan

Alex is so good with the kids. They adore him! We really enjoy being in his music class.


My children love Alex's music and his music and movement classes. He is engaging, dynamic, and encourages all children to participate. My kids tremendously look forward to his classes each week.


Alex has been teaching music class for us since September. Alex is s patient, loving, and gentle teacher. He also connects with all the children and gives them all a secure feeling. My daughter loves attending his music session every week. He makes sure to keep it fun and spontaneous and has a great collection of songs. He also uses kid friendly instruments in his classes which the kids love, and get to have the amazing experience of creating music as well.

I am lucky enough to hear Alex's music both as a parent and an educator. His CD is requested by my kids regularly in my car, and they love singing along to the catchy lyrics. As a school principal, I have seen how kids gravitate towards Alex and his positive energy. By starting our mornings with a few songs that Alex teaches we are able to start together as a community and become energized to learn. The school culture is more positive because of Alex. We love him!