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Hello I'm Alex!

Alex! has been writing and performing music for children of all ages for over 10 years. Born and raised in Vancouver by 2 loving parents, Alex! learned the importance of bonding over music at a young age. Inspired to play guitar by his father and encouraged to sing by his mother, Alex! found music to be one                of his true passions.

His debut album "We Live On A Planet" is comprised of songs composed for children to enjoy and for parents to endure when played over, and over, and over again :) The last track on the album, "I Wanna Play" (recorded originally in 2010), is central to the legend that 5 years ago a family driving from NYC to Boston through heavy traffic with their 2 year old had this song on repeat the entire 7hr journey. "It was the only thing that would keep our daughter from crying", the father told Alex!

This story encouraged Alex! to compose more music and this album showcases a variety of styles, ranging from New Orleans Jazz ("We Live On A Planet) to Tickling Techno (Bumblebee Sing-A-Long), and from Reggae (Pyjama Song) to Folk (I Love My Family). Every song has its own sound and you will find yourself discovering a new favourite track as the music plays in your car, kitchen, living room, and across all your mobile devices. Take advantage of this special album and find yourself bonding with your children over music that's interactive and very easy to listen to.